Why NNZ packaging?

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  • aangepaste verpakking
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Solicitud de información

embalaje de patatas

NNZ ofrece una amplia gama de materiales para embalar patatas. Entre estos materiales se incluyen los siguientes: bolsas de malla, yute, film, bolsas tejidas, bolsas de papel, bandejas, embalajes de tránsito y FIBC / Big-bags.

  • potatoes - carry-fresh
  • potatoes - cardboard tray with flowpack film
  • potatoes - twin-bag net bag
  • potatoes - twin-bag net bag
  • potatoes - monofil net bag
  • potatoes - knitted net bag
  • potatoes - woven net bag
  • potatoes - header bag
  • potatoes - knitted tubular net
  • potatoes - film bag / doypack
  • potatoes - film bag
  • potatoes - film bag
  • potatoes - paper bag
  • potatoes - paper bag
  • potatoes - jute bag
  • potatoes FIBC

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Sobre NNZ

NNZ is a multinational company owned and run by the family Boot since 1922. Its employees create packaging solutions for their clients in the fresh produce and industrial market. In 1922 NNZ started trading jute bags from 'Pakhuis Libau' in Groningen (The Netherlands), the start of a family business with international ambitions.
Today, NNZ has grown into an organisation with more than 250 employees, serving clients from offices in Austria, BeNeLux, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA.
In close cooperation with our partners in 40 other countries NNZ provides packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base.